This conference explores bodily fluids in Greek and Roman antiquity. How were bodily fluids, and those who exuded them, received in ancient society? How were internal bodily fluids perceived, and how did this perception alter if such fluids were externalised? Do these ancient conceptions complement or challenge our modern sensibilities about bodily fluids? How were religious practices determined by attitudes towards bodily fluids, and how did religious authorities attempt to regulate or restrict the appearance of bodily fluids? Papers will explore bodily fluids and/or the ancient body, building upon material, literary or anthropological sources, from Homer to Late Antiquity and the early Byzantine period. Bodily fluids can be explored through a variety of approaches, including: medical history; gender, feminist and queer history; history of the body; and history of sexuality.


Keynote speakers: Dr Rebecca Flemming (Cambridge) Professor Helen King (Open University)

Conference dates: 11-13th July 2016

Conference location: St Michael’s College, Cardiff University

Conference Organisers: Dr Victoria Leonard ( and Dr Laurence Totelin (, Cardiff University


This conference is generously supported by the Wellcome Trust, Cardiff University, the Institute of Classical Studies, the Classical Association, and the University of Bristol

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